March Sample released: Lightning Sample

In the last few hours of march (the first few hours of April for me), I am finally satisfied with the lightning sample, so I can release it.

Check out the sample in the Samples section, where I have a short description.

If you’re too eager for that, you can download it directly from here, and see the four examples in action.

The controls are:

  • Cycle through examples: Gamepad A / Keyboard Space
  • Toggle Background: Gamepad B / Keyboard B
  • Freeze Animation: Gamepad Y / Keyboard F
  • Exit Sample : Gamepad Back / Keyboard Escape

Later, I’ll try to write an article about how the effect was implemented, and what each class, struct and member represents. But this will take a while, because I’m very busy with school projects, and some stuff I can’t talk about yet.

Enjoy the sample!

Categorized: XNA
  • Mahdi Khodadadi Fard

    Finally the sample is out, i was waiting for that a mouth

  • Catalin Zima

    I hope you’ll find the sample worthy of your effort 🙂