Coming Soon…

Fake Rim Lighting, for use in cute games (inspired by Super Mario Galaxy screenshots)

RimLightTest 2008-07-02 11-42-59-12 RimLightTest 2008-07-02 11-42-26-62

RimLightTest 2008-07-02 11-42-41-85


FurRender 2008-07-02 13-32-03-11 FurRender 2008-07-02 13-31-16-24

FurRender 2008-07-02 14-29-47-10 FurRender 2008-07-02 14-30-14-23

Categorized: HLSL, XNA
  • Ziggy

    Great stuff as usual Catalin 🙂 Can’t wait to see the releases!

  • jbriguet

    Same as Ziggy 🙂

  • Catalin Zima

    I’ll release the lighting one in a few days, after I tinker it a bit.
    The fur effect will be a Ziggyware exclusive for a while 🙂 That’s why I need to work on it a little bit more.

  • Roonda

    Wow, that fur looks amazing. Can’t wait 🙂

  • Matt


    Rim lighting looks awesome. Can’t wait to see the source. 🙂

  • Catalin Zima

    Just a little longer, and I’ll give it out 🙂