June Sample online: Voxels on Zune

For this month’s sample, I worked hard to try and render some heightmap terrain on Zune, using voxel rendering, but wasn’t very successful.

Voxel technology was used to render terrains in some older games, like Delta Force, Commanche series, and the game that did the best job ever with voxels (and one of my top 3 games of all time), Outcast.

Some pictures of the sample:

  • Running on the Zune, at 320*240


  • Running on the PC, upscaled to 640 * 480


You can find the sample and source code here.

Categorized: XNA
  • http://www.ziggyware.com Ziggy

    Awesome idea Catalin!

  • Patrick

    I’ve been wondering how well a voxel engine would perform in XNA. I look forward to trying out this sample.

    What do you mean it wasn’t very successful? You didn’t have time to finish, or were there technical limitations?

  • http://www.catalinzima.com Catalin Zima

    I didn’t have time to take it to the end.
    There are probably more optimizations that can be done for speed, and as it is, the texturing is horrible.
    But I’m sure that someone investing more time can take voxel rendering further, and do something really cool.
    So the fault is not technical limitations, but rather my lack of experience and time 🙂