First look at Community Games in the NXE ?

I was just reading about the New Xbox Experience on the Gamerscore Blog, and I noticed one interesting screenshot.

It seems like this is how the Community Games marketplace will look like. Besides it looking awesome, we can see that we will have a “New Arrivals” page, a “Most popular” page, and will be able to list all games.

I’m still curious about the few games appearing behind these pages. Is this how games will be “featured” by Microsoft, in exchange for a lower revenue? If this is it, it looks great to me, and I sure wouldn’t mind my game being featured like that.

P.S. can anyone tell me what the second game is ? (between Word Soup and Collosseum)

  • Nick

    I believe it’s Mega Chile Pluto.

  • Catalin Zima

    Thanks, Nick