• MrStick2000

    This reminds me of the mousetrap physics demo that I used to see a lot of during the early XBOX (or was it 360?) development.

    I guess that these are all rubber-band balls, have all been given random initial height and mass.

    Obviously the alt text of Multithreading is some sort of clue… what are the prizes anyway??

  • http://www.catalinzima.com Catalin Zima

    Sorry, no prizes 🙂
    It’s a tutorial on using multi-threading to parallelize the Update/Draw loops, and it will be uploaded soon on Ziggyware.

  • Rosko

    Hi Catalin,

    I found one document of your related to this picture, I guess.

    by Catalin Zima

    Unfortunately, I cannot find the source of example application mentioned in the end. Can you please send it to my email or upload it somewhere? Thanks a lot for the great tutorials! 🙂