Seattle, here I come!

In just a few days, I’m heading for Seattle again, to attend the 2009 MVP Summit. I’m very happy to get to see the other MVPs and XNA Team members, both old and new.

I also take this opportunity to thank the great people at iQuest for their support, and for making this happen again.

After the Summit, I’m also taking a short vacation in Paris, so it will be a while before any new sample will be released here. But when it’s coming, it will be good 🙂

See you all soon!

  • Glenn Wilson

    See you there. 🙂

  • Cornel

    Have a great time there! Don’t forget to take pics 😉

  • Pete

    See you both of you there! 😉

  • Pete

    I mean, see you both there!

  • Pete

    Or … See both of you there! 🙂

  • Catalin Zima

    Yup. See you there very soon.
    I’ll see Glenn sooner, if he’s not already asleep when I get there 🙂

  • Kyle

    *welcomes Catalin to Seattle*

    If you’re on the MS campus (or nearby) drop me an e-mail – I live across the street 😉