3 Red Rings…

And I was so proud of my 360, manufactured in November 24 2005…

I still have some small hope for a miraculous recovery after I let it rest until tomorrow… but I realize chances are slim.


  • Venatu

    I’ve had mine go twice now…

    At least they extended the warranty. Bad luck anyway

  • http://deadshift.com PolyVector

    Welcome to the club Catalin, ours went after a year or less. >:/

  • http://www.lazarciuc.ro/ioan Cretz

    My condolences. Should have seen it coming though… I think I saw that about 50% of XBOXes RROD after their first year. You’ve had a good (almost) 4 years. Can’t always beat the odds.
    As a cheer note, the ones manufactured recently have a better record.

  • Shawn

    Yes buddy, feel your pain. On my 4th one at the moment….:-(


    Dont loose heart – I’ve had 2 RROD in the past 5 years – 1 after 3 years, the other after only 9 months…

    Unfortunaly, my first one was out of warranty – so i had no hopes of a warrantied fix. I found instructions for the “towl fix” on uTube, and though i was dubious at first; amazingly IT WORKED!! When my second one had the RROD – though i was pissed cause i figured i bought it after the problem – but it worked again! (the second i did send for the repair and got it back in just 8 days)

    This aint a long term fix – because the device seems to reheat much faster after it happenes the first time; but it will give you a few days nonetheless. Then you can just repeat the process; i’ve kept my original 360 running now for 2 years like this!

    GOOD LUCK and let us know if you try this and how it goes!

    – HUMAN

  • http://retroburngames.com Martin Caine

    Ick, don’t ever try the towel fix, do you realise how many people have totally screwed their 360s trying that (and many other fixes).

    Ofcourse if your box is out of warranty it’s up to you to fix it (or pay to get MS/someone else to do it). Ours went a few months ago and after spending a few days reading up online I took it all apart, removed the heatsink, added some AS5, reseated the heatsink, added and added a few washers to the back. Then came the hard part, putting the X-Clamp back on the back of the board.. I’m sure I swore a few times and almost destroyed the motherboard in the process.. but our box has now been working fine for a good few months since ‘repairing’ it 🙂

  • http://www.eckyman.com Eckyman

    Like Martin Caine said above this comment. DO NOT TRY THE TOWEL FIX!

    I also fixed our Xbox like the above commenter. I opened it up, removed the heatsinks, cleaned them both off and the CPU, reapplied some thermal paste and reseated the heatsink.

    Then I also added a single washer (covered in electrical tape so nothing would short) on each of the legs the X-Clamp sits on at the back. I also bent the legs of the X-Clamp slightly to get more purchase and replaced it.

    Leaving the case open, I replaced the DVD drive but not the fans, switched on and let it overheat (2 red lights) as the guides suggest. Turned it off, re connected the fan and positioned it over the heatsinks briefly. Turned it on, green lights, booted to dash.

    Have tested it with some pretty intense gaming sessions so far and it has (touch wood) been absolutly fine since I did the fix.

    For more info, see this site – http://www.llamma.com/xbox360/repair/ring_of_light_x-clamp_fix.htm

    I believe they replace the X-Clamp in that guide but it’s pretty much optional really. Had mine not worked with washers alone I would have replaced the Clamp.

    Definitly check up some guides though as it is quite easy to fix and a damn site cheaper than sending it to Microsoft for repair

  • james

    I also replaced the heatsinks and used the washers and artic silver and all that good stuff and it worked fine for about 8 months but now i have red rings again!

  • Swiss

    Same thing happened to me on my ’05 360. X-Clamp replacement did the trick (link on my space) also did the 12v fan mod to be safe. It’s still alive and kicking to this day.