Chickens Can Dream

Well, this caught me off-guard… 🙂 When we submitted the game last Sunday, I was hoping the game would get through certification sooner, but apparently it decided to come out just as I was starting my long trip towards Seattle. I’m proud to say that Chickens Can Dream just went live on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace on Friday.

Go ahead and download it (it’s free) if you haven’t already and let me know what you think 🙂

While Chickens Can Dream is just a milestone in the wonderful adventure that is the Chickens Can’t Fly project, it’s also a great achievement for me. While this is certainly not my first game, or not even the first game I’ve worked on that got published, I can certainly say it is the game I’ve put most of myself into, am most proud of and most excited about sharing with you (all 6 of you that still read my blog 🙂 ).
It’s definitely not perfect yet, and we’re working on the next update for it as we speak (at least my team is, I’m on a plane flying over Canada), but our goal with Chickens Can Dream was to get it out there and get feedback on it.

Besides letting you know about the game and giving you the download link, I also wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank my team and people that made this possible, so here goes:

  • Razvan and Razvan – for all the brainstorming sessions where they helped refine my design and especially for all the code they wrote.
  • Hashu – for the great art he created for the game and for suffering through our feedback on the art drafts
  • Gabi and Flaviu – for the last few weeks helping us get highscores and online services in the game.
  • Lidia – for helping me see errors in my designs every time she played whatever build I had on my phone (and for coming up to our floor to make us take breaks from time to time). Even though she’s a gamer, she was invaluable in ensuring the game is suited for a large non-gamer audience.
  • Robert, Gabi and Claudiu– for trusting us and giving us the opportunity and resources to create this game.
  • All people who played various builds of the game – for being test subjects.

Thank you all!

Download the game now because we want to know how to make Chickens Can’t Fly better!

Download for Windows Phone 7

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    I’m so going to get it when i get home !!