Porting Chickens Can’t Fly to iOS and Android


So, we finally managed to port Chickens Can’t Fly to iOS and Android.
The long delay was caused mostly by an exclusivity agreement, but that’s past now, and we can try to explore new markets. This post is less about getting the word out about the game, and more about showing my appreciation to the guys working on MonoGame.

We went with MonoGame since our codebase was all XNA, and MonoGame is simply put ‘XNA on other platforms’, so that was a great fit. While there’s still some platform-specific issues we encountered (audio-related stuff on android), the porting was pretty straightforward after removing all the Xbox LIVE-related code, and we were able to share almost all the code from the Window Phone game.

Thanks again to the MonoGame guys for making this so simple!

  • http://amapplease.blogspot.com Pete

    Hi Catalin,

    Nice! Post some links when published.


  • Catalin Zima

    Hi Pete,

    They’re both published already 🙂

    You can get it here on Android or here on iOS.

    The Windows Phone version will also come back online in the near future.

  • http://amapplease.blogspot.com Pete

    Ok, great. Thx!

  • Dude

    Respect for not using Unity! MonoGame rules for people capable of creating their own tools.

  • Gary Brafford Jr

    I am wanting to port my games with mono game as well. It seems a lot of xna devs are having really good luck with mono game.