Chickens Can’t Fly is Live!

Chickens Can’t Fly, the Must Have Game of the week on Windows Phone 7 is now purchaseable! Get it with one of the links below. The game was developed by me and my wonderful team over at AmusedSloth! Enjoy!

2D Skeletal Animations

What is your preferred way of doing animations in 2D? Most of you will probably answer “spritesheets”, and you’d be right. Creating animations using spritesheets is quick, easy, there are helpful resources on the net and if you work with … Continue reading

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MVP Summit 2011

The first week of March I was together with a few other XNA MVPs at the Microsoft MVP Summit 2011 in Seattle. I’d love to be able to tell you stuff we’ve learned there, or as Andy would also wish, … Continue reading

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Screen-space deformations in XNA for WP7

I posted a new tutorial recently about applying deformations as a post-processing… process using only stuff available in the Reach profile, without any shaders. This configuration is useful for Windows Phone 7. Go ahead and read the whole article here.

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